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Pipe Coupon Cutter - Tech Schools Elgin IL

W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter

Pipe Beveler, Coupon Cutter - Elgin IL

The W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter is popular in schools and small shops. When training students or workers you can quickly prepare pipe samples for practice and testing. Straight cuts with bevels can be produced quickly and accurately using pipe up to 12 inches in diameter. The internal chucking design works well with small pipe and allows torch or plasma cutting. For long pipe optional scissor jack, modular stands and rollers are available. The new W-60-20 has an ungraded motor and double the torque of the previous W-60-12.

Available on the new W-60-20 is the optional 32 pitch torch holder for plasma, or oxy-fuel torch.

• Diameter: 1 1/4 - 12 inches
• Length: Depends on carriage
• Volts: 110V
• Amps: 4
• Shipping Weight: 170 lbs

Watts W-60-20 Pipe Cutting Machine Instructional

The W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter is perfect for most tech and trade schools teaching welding, pipe cutting, beveling and other pipe fabrication operations. The W-60-20 is used to cut pipe coupons to any desired length. This machine can also bevel the edge of a pipe for weld preparation.

Pipe Coupon Cutter - Welding School Elgin IL
Photo: Butte College/Welding Technology Dept - Chris Lenny, Lab Technician

Pipe Coupon Cutter - Welding School Elgin IL
Here is a Facebook post from Scot Bratcher, welding instructor at Breckinridge County Area Technology Center in Harned, Kentucky.

This machine is designed to be bolted to a worktable and is perfect for Tech and Trade Welding Schools or any operation needing to cut welding coupons. Pipe coupons are used by students in welding schools as a way to learn technical skills for welding, cutting, beveling and other fabrication.

Pipe Coupon Cutter Elgin IL - Beveled Pipe for Welding Practice at the Local 26 Local 26 uses the Watts Pipe Coupon Cutter - Beveled Pipe for Welding

Tech Schools, Welding Schools Use Watts Machinery for Welding and Fabrication Training

This is the bevel on a pipe coupon cut with the Watts W-60-20 pipe cutting machine.

Watts Process Machinery Provides Robust Pipe Cutting Machines and Welding Equipment for Trade Schools Across the USA

US machine manufacturer has been providing equipment for trade schools for almost 50 years

SEATTLE - PUYALLUP WA -- Watts Process Machinery celebrates 47 years of manufacturing pipe cutting and welding equipment for trade and tech schools in the USA. The Watts W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter is very popular in trade schools and small shops. Watts also manufactures the W-60-20SM that makes straight cuts, miters, and 90 degree saddles on pipe up to 12".

"Our pipe cutting machines are robust and versatile," said Dave Collins, President of Watts Machinery. "We have been making these industry-leading machines for over 40 years. We also manufacture a weld tester machine, two welding positioner tools and a plasma torch holder. We have sold equipment to a few hundred trade schools, but numerous small fabrication shops have our equipment as well."

"We are a family-owned business," continued Collins. "My family works together every single day. When our customers need something, it gets done. Our company name has been respected for four decades and we work hard to keep it that way."

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Pipe Coupon Cutter - Welding School Elgin IL

W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter

Pipe Beveler, Coupon Cutter

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